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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bombay rickshaw wallahs - Series of portraits

I began shooting series of Bombay's rickshaw wallahs' portraits:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding at Mumbai koliwada

Finally I visited an Indian wedding. Brother of my friend's driver got married! Good thing is that the groom belongs to the original Mumbai/Bombay community - "kolis", fishermen. They got here first. There are still koli villages around the city called "koliwadas".


Kids are waiting for the start:

Kiran, the groom:

Musicians are waiting:

Spotted some cute cats nearby:

As well as cute little girls:

Musicians, unfortunately, don't know any western music :(

It seems that those kids would enjoy Bollywood stuff more:

Local youth is taking whiskey, they don't care whose wedding it is, it's just another reason to have fun:

This girl, it seems, wants to marry soon too:

Chai time (I had some too):

Young lady:

Groom is coming:

Many people watch the ceremony from their apartments:

This little shop keeps ignoring the noise:

No idea what is this:

Groom is riding the horse:


Mini rave begins :)

Others are still watching:

Well, it was too hot, especially in jeans and shoes, so I got tired and went home before the crowd reached mandir (temple) to finalize the ritual.