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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding at Mumbai koliwada

Finally I visited an Indian wedding. Brother of my friend's driver got married! Good thing is that the groom belongs to the original Mumbai/Bombay community - "kolis", fishermen. They got here first. There are still koli villages around the city called "koliwadas".


Kids are waiting for the start:

Kiran, the groom:

Musicians are waiting:

Spotted some cute cats nearby:

As well as cute little girls:

Musicians, unfortunately, don't know any western music :(

It seems that those kids would enjoy Bollywood stuff more:

Local youth is taking whiskey, they don't care whose wedding it is, it's just another reason to have fun:

This girl, it seems, wants to marry soon too:

Chai time (I had some too):

Young lady:

Groom is coming:

Many people watch the ceremony from their apartments:

This little shop keeps ignoring the noise:

No idea what is this:

Groom is riding the horse:


Mini rave begins :)

Others are still watching:

Well, it was too hot, especially in jeans and shoes, so I got tired and went home before the crowd reached mandir (temple) to finalize the ritual.


  1. What???? You went home??? What about the bride??

  2. Fantastic Photography!
    Need to take some tips soon..

  3. Ramesh, thanks!

    Nemenushka, I was too tired, sorry!!

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